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It’s “the same as with all other goods” they tell me, citing other sites such as where amateurs and professionals sell much harder content.

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The original link to the site now redirects to Charity Buzz’s homepage, and no explanation was provided as to why the bid was removed.

Three chaps pledged 20 dollars just to get a three-minute video of ‘her rocking to Steel Panther in lingerie’. “Members want to get to know the girls behind the funds and PBG is a lot about personality,” Anna and Chris say.

“It's about supporting a girl's wish and spicing up your life and fantasies at the same time.

“A man shows his sincerity and ability to care for a woman by showing how generous he is.

Our members put their money where their hearts are.” According to Bermudo, Whats Your Price even has a role to play in the wider world, to “reintroduce the concept of romance through courting someone properly.” I'm not so sure.

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    Chat request refers to the functionality “Say Hi” in the Application and is a non-confidential function that triggers a notification to the Member you want to “Say Hi” to and constitute an invitation to chat with this Member.

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