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Every shot is brilliant, I loved every single frame and I cannot imagine that he wouldn't get nominated and win an Oscar for this phenomenal work.

But also a big thumbs up has to be given to the entire effects team, for Deakins didn't do it all on his own.

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As for the people who are actually situated in front of the camera, they all play their parts very well.

The highly-anticipated sequel to a cinematic classic is closing quarters, with promises that Denis Villeneuve's turn on directing duties will deliver something no less visually astounding, having already found his fair share of acclaim with the likes of .

It'll have to be seen whether he can maintain the look over the course of the entire film, but even in this tiny glimpse, Villeneuve's already perfectly captured the cold, foggy aesthetics of the original spliced in with a dash of that iconic neon glow.

Nevertheless, Ford gives one of his best performances in years and after all the iconic roles he played once again in recent years (Han Solo, Indiana Jones) this is by far the best.

The smaller but important roles are also noteworthy; Robin Wright's Lieutenant Joshi makes a fierce and convincing police chief, while the villain duo Jared Leto's Neander Wallace as the evil head of a corporation at the top of the new world order and his frightening hit-woman Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) are also very impressive.

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