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The Boston Ski and Sports Club and the Appalachian Mountain Club are two long-standing organizations that pack each month with outings that attract singles.

One of the most all-encompassing resources is, the social network site where people organize activity groups around every imaginable theme and interest.

’ or ‘Is this toy something a 5-year-old boy would like?

’ These are natural ice breakers that get people talking.’’So too are physical activities like co-ed sports teams, skiing, hiking and biking.

The following are examples of unacceptable conduct in BSSC activities: Any person considered to be in violation of this code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the current activity, banning from future activities and termination of membership in each instance without refund.

- Cancellation greater than 21 days prior to start of league or activity -- Full refund of amount paid, less a service charge.

Started in 2002, Single Volunteers of Boston has more than 3,000 people requesting calendar mailings.‘‘It’s a very low-pressure way to meet people,’’ Moreau said.

Most ivory in recent seizures has lag times of less than 3 y.

If, for example, you’re wondering about the MFA’s First Friday, you can read comments on the Inquisitive Minds Meetup site from people who attended.‘‘I think that the people who do well with meetup are the ones who see some opportunity to grow and are flexible,’’ Sweeney said. Register with individual groups to learn about activities- Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, org.

‘‘They aren’t walking in expecting magic to happen and then being disappointed.’’READ MORE about this issue.

Fred Moreau met his girlfriend of three years over a loaf of bread – not on a dinner date, but at a volunteer project at Saturday’s Bread, a Beacon Hill soup kitchen.‘‘I noticed her when she came in and then we hung out in the kitchen and talked and cut bread together,’’ said Moreau, 36, who now shares a house in Billerica with his fellow bread-cutter, Katelyn Sullivan.

Afterward, they and other volunteers went out for a beer, a typical occurrence after a Single Volunteers of Boston event.

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    - Cancellation less than 21 days of start of league or activity if the activity is sold-out and a suitable replacement is made -- Full refund less service charge.