Dating colonial knives

It’s a simple, useful, easy-to-clean knife, ideal for both hunters and everyday carry.The upswept blade has a retro look to it, but it isn’t overly done.MSRP for the Arv starts at 9 when made available.The Selector 2.0 is ideal for the hunter who only wants to carry one knife.

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Because of the knife’s strength, durability and ability to hold a long-lasting sharp edge, taxidermists use these blades for skinning and caping.

The space between off-the-shelf knives and custom models continues to narrow, which is good news for retailers and knife wielders alike.

Grand View Outdoors editors attending the SHOT Show got a firsthand look at many knives debuting in 2017. The Hollow Point came about through a collaboration between CRKT, Ruger and renowned, master knifesmith Ken Onion.

The knife offers a 3.5-inch, triple-laminated steel blade with a drop point. The handle is comprised of antler, leather and curly birch wood.

It’s rounded and flared to offer a secure, comfortable grip.

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