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The protesters were gathering signatures against the Ghanaian government's anti-LGBTQ policy.

You won't find the LGBTQ “Ghana Pavilion” at a school gym or church hall.

The two most popular features used on dating websites are instant messenger and video chat.Without money for a lawyer or resources to make phone calls and obtain documents, they all appeared before judges and all were rejected and released to await their removal from the U. The threat of being sent back to Ghana, where in 2015 homophobes had tried to burn him out, terrified Abdulai. Abdulai and each of the LGBTQ Ghanaians headed north to make the well-worn crossing on foot to Canada near Emerson, Man.After reading about what happened to fellow countryman Seidu Mohammed, who lost his fingers to frostbite last winter, Abdulai said many Ghanaians decided to wait until the weather warmed up."I saw what happened to Seidu in the news," he said.In August 2014, he was leaving a club in the capital Accra when he was jumped."These guys thought I was dating their brother." One of the attackers had a knife and hacked at Osman, who was beaten, bloodied and left for dead.He was taken to hospital and treated but couldn't report the attack to police because of his sexual orientation.

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