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Originally it was the School of Manual Training, and was the home of the Industrial Technology Department until the completion of Seabaugh Hall.Today it houses the Southeast Missouri Public Radio Studio, as well as numerous classrooms, workshops, and photography and drafting Studios.These halls were named for members of the University Board of Regents, who were instrumental in expanding the campus at the time.Serena Hall was built in 1905 and named for Joseph Serena, the eighth President of the University.The Foreign Language Building, also known as the Art Building, was built in 1902 by the same designer of Academic Hall and Carnahan Hall.Built as the companion to Carnahan Hall, it is identical to Carnahan Hall except for the pair of small towers that were added later for dramatic effect.In 1903, as recent construction allowed for more space for university classes, the training school was able to expand its class sizes as well.The University Schools consisted of an elementary, junior high, and high school.

Wildwood is the President's house, and was built in 1923 upon the foundations of a winery that was already standing on the site.Initially it was the only school building and housed classrooms, offices, and storage. Just as construction was beginning on what would become Carnahan Hall in 1902, the school building burned down, at which time Academic Hall was erected in its place.Normal School Building was 3 stories tall, built of brick in the French Second Empire style, and was designed by Charles B. Carnahan Hall was initially built as the Science Building, and was later changed to become the Social Science Building.The University Schools closed at the end of the 1986–1987 school year, due to increasing costs.The Normal School Building was completed in 1875, on the site of the current Academic Hall.

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