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If nothing changes from field to field then "Deinterlacing by Blending" gives you a slight blur.

In other words: Deinterlacing by blending (which is one of the most frequent ways to deinterlace) simluates fluent motion by blurring and "mushes" 2 consecutive pictures together.

A great part of this site deals with interlacing/deinterlacing which introduces some of the nastiest interlacing problems like these: Do you think you record 25 frames per second when you make a movie with your digital camcorder? Your digital camcorder does the following: Records 50 pictures per second, intermixing every 2 consecutive pictures (with half the height) into 1 frame. Now these two fields are mixed (=interlaced) into Frame1 (full height): What you see above is an exact frame as on tape of your camcorder.

Here is a zoomed view of the above Frame 1: As you can clearly see above, Frame1 consists of Field1 and Field2.

Another example: Imagine you have the following frame: Original frame This frame consists of: Blending would do this to them: Please note, that not only the area where the movement happened is changed thru blend, but also the green main body.The way it looks is called saw tooth type edge distortion = mice teeth = combing = serrations = interlaced lines. This is a capture directly from MTV's Digital Video Broadcasting: The above scene consists of 2 totally different scenes because this is the frame where there's a change from scene1 to scene2.In other words: A single frame consist of 2 captures of 2 different moments in time. Scene1 Scene2 (This is Britney Spear's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2001) On a computer screen interlaced recordings are annoying to watch because the lines are really disturbing.Especially in scenes where there's movement from left to right (right to left) you see the interlacing, like in this example: The text at the bottom scrolls from right to left and thus leaves you with mice teeth because this frame consists of 2 snapshots of time, as described above. This is a scene from the music clip "Anywhere" from the performer 112.There aren't any motion interlace lines there, but this is a frame where there was a short flash, thus there's a difference from one field to the other.

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