Dating someone who was sexually abused as a child

Frustrated, we located a private practice, and with a small dose of anti-depressants, information began to slip out.

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My challenges are loneliness, impotence, and the urge to do something, somehow to make it right.

I held his hand as his night terrors, hyper-vigilance and claustrophobia began to make sense.

When Trav’s enlistment was up, we moved back home to Maine.“But you’re eight years in,” people accused. ”We were told we were stupid and short-sighted, throwing away good careers.

magazine article about his alma mater, the American Boychoir School for vocal prodigies, where alumni from as late as the 1990s estimate that one in five boys were molested. He understands my protective instincts, but it makes him feel weak and uncomfortable when I say the words with such elevated drama. When high profile cases dominate the news, I feel for the victims, but I also scan for images of their partners and wonder how they deal with it.

Boys like Travis.“It used to feel like an isolated incident that affected just me," Trav said. That I will stand beside him with a personal mission and public vow that nobody will ever hurt him, physically or emotionally, again, the way they did during his 30 months as a choirboy from 1988 to 1990? I want to ask what’s inside their medicine cabinets and if their husbands sometimes wince when touched, too.

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