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So yesterday one of my female friends demanded I write a post on why guys act the erratic, unpredictable and weird ways they do during the dating process and to explain how women can better prepare themselves to handle these men and their F*^KED-UP behaviour.

But then there is the third [and very STRANGE] thing that happens to men when they meet a woman they are REALLY feeling: They start to make DEMANDS of her: .We’ve all been in this situation: We go on a great first date, head home, and immediately start planning the next rendezvous. Waiting three days to reply to someone after a successful date prevents people from looking too eager or desperate, but the technique, thanks to dating apps and other modern conveniences, is becoming obsolete.We glance at our phone every 30 seconds in hopes of a text, or a call from our date, and grow impatient by their radio silence. In retrospect, if we were genuinely interested in our date, why didn’t we text first? In reality, it takes only seconds or minutes to text or call someone, even for the busiest professional.Essentially he has made up his mind BEFORE you have even propositioned him with the concept of being in a relationship on how exactly he is choosing to answer that question and if he is going to either Any man that smashes, dates and courts a lot of women, is intelligent enough to know he has to predetermine the long term relationship-potential of any woman he chooses to become involved with because it’s eventually going to become an issue and she’s eventually going to ask him straight up ” So before he asks you out on a date, he already determines how he’s going to answer that question and whether or not he wants to acquiesce to your dating demands.Most dudes first instinct is to DUCK: Because so many men think with their richards when it comes to choosing a woman to court, we often times fail to make a proper judgement of her long term dating ability and focus on superficial concerns, which is the reason why so many of us have bought dinner for cute women with the IQ’s of mouse pads.

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