Funny dating site drawings

When Anna Gensler downloaded Tinder six months ago, the mobile dating app quickly matched her with a selection of her city’s most eligible bachelors. “Bet your tight,” Andrew, 19, messaged right off the bat.

“If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds,” 20-year-old Kenny wanted to know in his first text.

I thought that would creep out a lot of people enough to just not message me, but instead, I got so many messages from guys who were like, “This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! ” They’re totally missing the point if they act so nice. Some of them get really angry and say a bunch of mean stuff. You’d think that when they do get a match, they would actually try to say something nice and intelligent.

I’m an artist, and I try to use art as my weapon, even though that sounds so lame.I try to highlight aspects about myself I want men to notice (like my smile), and I avoid posting pictures that highlight my cleavage or any other sexual parts.I also have a full-body picture of me so they really see me.I wanted to prevent a reaction that was like, “Oh, she loves me and my hot body, let’s have sex.” : Have you learned something about the nature of creepiness by doing this project?There is some confusing stuff in here, like the 27-year-old guy who asks if you like middle-aged men, and the guy who says, “Your boobs are even nicer than my mom’s.” Gensler: I don’t know.

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