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And during a recent interview with Portuguese news outlet Expresso, the former U. Women's National Team goalkeeper got specific by dropping one of the most prestigious names in FIFA. soccer legend Hope Solo have been buzzing over a social media post she put up during the #Me Too hashtag trend, in which she implied that sexual assault is rampant in the sport.

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Hope Solo says former FIFA President Sepp Blatter grabbed her rear shortly before the two were to appear on stage at a prestigious soccer ceremony four years ago.Many people argue that even far less extreme forms of gender-related violence are both a product and a weapon of deeply ingrained cultural misogyny.Meanwhile, the men’s rights activists also brought into the spotlight by Rodger’s killing spree defend another perspective—one that, in this case, is backed by a surprising amount of evidence from both research and current events: that violence is best understood as a human problem whose gender dynamics are much more complex than commonly understood. And a study published in finds that men account for nearly 80% of all violent offenders reported in crime surveys, despite a substantial narrowing of the gap since the 1970s.(Both studies show a much larger gender gap in lifetime reports of partner violence; one possible explanation for this discrepancy is that men may be more likely to let such experiences fade from memory over time since they have less cultural support for seeing themselves as victims, particularly of female violence.) Violence by women causes less harm due to obvious differences in size and strength, but it is by no means harmless.Women may use weapons, from knives to household objects—including highly dangerous ones such as boiling water—to neutralize their disadvantage, and men may be held back by cultural prohibitions on using force toward a woman even in self-defense.

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