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This is for 24hr/day internet access, plus you can receive phone calls while connected to the Internet on the ADSL modem.

This has gotten cheaper now that the companies no longer send a technician to your house; they send you the package and you install it, including the ADSL modem and networking cables.

Further information about wireless (wifi) Internet, and wardriving in Spain.

As for broadband (cable and ADSL Internet), this is still somewhat lower than the overall EU market average penetration (50.9%) and the price to performance ratio is lower too, making the Internet relatively expensive in these terms.

Sometimes the craziness of Spanish beaurocracy pays off…

Cable Internet service is a good alternative to ADSL internet , but not all areas are covered. Sample fees for Auna: 35€/month, plus 120€ installation, if there are no special offers.

With rates and services being what they are in Spain - but without sanctioning or condoning it - wardriving can be very helpful. Vodafone’s 3G network is now in operation in Spain, offering an Internet connection via technology similar (more advanced actually) to your mobile phone.

Recently I saw them offering unlimited Internet via 3G (all you need is a little USB dongle or a PCMCIA card) for 50€ per month. The speed isn’t quite what you’ll get with ADSL Internet, but you’re looking at about 400Kb to 800Kb download and about half of that for upload - compare that to 512Kb/256Kb for your cheapest ADSL line.

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