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In 2002 he and five others formed the Johnny’s Juniors group KAT-TUN who are still active to this day.

He was born in Tokyo but later his family moved to Tochigi.

Although they were dating, people said that there is less possibility that they would get married considering a difference of the payment they get for just one movie or TV drama.

People even called Kamenashi “Kanenashi”, which means “No money”. She was successed as a singer, but later she got busy as an actress.

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’, MC on the monthly show ‘Kamenashi Kazuya no Sports Tengoku Ouen Sukininaru’, and commentator on ‘Dramatic Game’.But what the rumor says is that Kazuya doesn’t have will to get married for now.Kyoko has a long carreer in show business since she started working when she was still in junior high school. Kazuya and Kyoko played together for a movie in 2015. At the time they even had some kissing scenes and the staff said that they looked close friends or a coulpe.He is in Johnny & Associates and one member of KAT-TUN, a boys group. It seems like after Kazuya got some job as an actor, KAT-TUN could officially debut.For his love life he tends to date someone older than him looking at his first and second girlfriends.

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