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That said, the gun is still popular with collectors, as the fit and finish of the weapon is still consistently praised.

Introduced in 2004, the Beretta Px4 Storm is the latest of Beretta's line of handguns.

Tato rozdílnost způsobuje spoustu trapasů, ale nakonec si vždycky ty protiklady najdou nějakou tu střední cestu a problémy vyřeší.

It has been continually updated for a while, its latest model being the 92A1; there are also licensed Brazilian clones known as the Taurus PT92 and PT99 which show up in fiction rather often; they are a clone of the first model of the 92, and feature a 1911-style frame safety as opposed to a slide-mounted decocker safety.

The Px4 comes in several different models with different trigger groups, along with compact and subcompact versions.

It is currently chambered in either 9x19mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Some are exact copies, while others try to "improve" the original Browning/Saive design with varying degrees of success.

A more than century-old weapon, the M1911 is a single-action semi-automatic chambered in .45 ACP; it is iconic in gun culture and widely seen as one of the best handguns ever designed.

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While modern shooters consider it a very good thing for magazines to cleanly drop free when released, so as to enable faster reloading, the Belgian generals at the time were more worried about their troops simply throwing away empty magazines and thus requiring a constant purchase of replacement mags.It has also, in the past, had issues with faulty magazines (not made by Beretta for cost reasons) and an issue where the slide would very rarely pop off of the frame when firing, most infamous when the Navy SEALs were training with earlier versions of the weapon (due to a part failing after about a fifth as many rounds through the weapon as it was supposed to last; at least one SEAL lost an eye to a flying Beretta hammer, though reports of anyone dying from it are an exaggeration).It is a high-maintenance gun that doesn't get along well with dust due to its open-topped slide. Acting as the "little brother" to the above-mentioned Beretta 92, the Cheetah series comprises the model numbers 80-89, and is frequently compared to the Walther PP/PPK as the best metal-framed compact pistol ever made.Relatively speaking, it was light, concealable, and reliable, sidestepping the reliability issues associated with the 92 by virtue of being advertised as a civilian concealed-carry weapon, not as a primary military sidearm.Beretta ceased production of most versions of the pistol as improvements in firearms design and manufacturing allowed for the creation of ultra-compact 9x19mm pistols, providing increased firepower for the same size.

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