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I don’t understand why so many women are willing to disrespect the relationships of other women.Equally perplexing is the readiness to be number 2, or even numbers 3 through 10.Making Sense of an Attraction to a Married Man Having a Secret Love Affair Community Q&A Loving the married man. This is for the women who love their married men and need positive guidance and support to work through their issues. No matter what side of the fence you’re on both can agree that this is a very controversial and moralistically sensitive topic. The touch of a hand, an innocent conversation, a glance? In fact you may be just the latest in a long line of ego boosts that he obviously needs. If you are (un)lucky enough to have him eventually leave his wife you would always wonder… Whatever the reason it’s unlikely that there will be a happy ever after as you’ll never ever be able to trust him.Obviously, men aren’t always forthcoming about their status.But sometimes they are completely honest about their situations, and have no trouble finding willing participants.

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In one of his old standup routines, Chris Rock said it best – “Men are as faithful as their options.” For every man who cheats, there is a woman who is cheating with him. If the tendency to cheat is a character flaw, then isn’t it equally wrong to participate?

I asked to see a picture of his wife, and on his cell phone he produced a photo of a very attractive woman.

Finally, unhappy with the outcome of his proposition, he put his picture away and quickly exited our conversation. Obviously this is a man on the prowl, but he wouldn’t be a successful hunter if all women refused to become his prey.

He actually expected me to say “yes” to that question! He became indignant when I wrinkled my face and offered an emphatic no.

I was curious, so I dug a little deeper and learned that he had been married less than two years.

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