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For more information about the actual rebranding, a local Baton Rouge newspaper covers it pretty well here.

What is interesting is that the RJF website is still up here, yet to be replaced or rebranded by the new Facebook group here.

More alleged victims came forward, including Hayden's own daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford, who said her father touched her inappropriately when she was a child.And another woman in her 30s made claims that resulted in more sex crimes charges for the former TV star.Within a week of Hayden's arrest in August, Meaux learned his former partner made a licensing deal behind the backs of him and the other partners, cutting them out of trademark royalties.Red Jacket Licensing sued Hayden in October for breach of contract and secured a judgment last month ordering him to pay 0,000 in damages.While the widespread bad press prompted by TV fame has hurt business, Meaux said he wouldn’t be involved in Red Jacket Firearms in the first place had it not been for the show.

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