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I can be your best friend with family values and a cheerful outlook on life with a positive attitude. Profiles full of demands and not any kindness happiness or joy. Horrible inside and out Somebody needs to have a word with them and tell them when you're below average looking you can't be picky and certainly can't have an attitude problem It's like the uglier they are the more aggressive and rude they are. You have no chance of meeting miss right on this site. c) For both app and desktop: it shows you logged in when you check the email links (aka: weekly matches, someone favored you, etc).

Yeah good luck with that Most of the women work menial jobs, alot are care assistants and cant spell.The women on here are barrel scrapers, in 2012 I met my husband on POF We have been married since 2015 I made my profile clear about wanting to meet a Christian man who valued his family more than anything. Maybe its purpose is but it is mainly for hook-ups. ABC 7 Chicago news reported that a serials of arms robberies targeted POF lonely hearts looking for love. The fake profiles has pictures of beautiful women that has been taken off other sources of the Internet.Of COURSE your going to have to filter through the buttheads with silly rude sexist messages, but I took a chance on a man 1.5 hours away (at the time was very far to me in my head) but we made it work and we are so very happily married and I couldnt thank POF more for helping me find such an incredicle man! GAY MEN ARE THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These criminals set up a date to meet the innocent unsuspecting men and then robbed them of all their money, jewelry and other valuables. A warning to everyone using any dating site in search of love...really look at yourself in a mirror, you are not the same person you were in High school, so quit trying to act like you are. Im constantly closing my account & then restarting it again. POF is good in patches but it gets boring seeing the same faces. I love romantic nights but missing that part for quite some time now, food, pretty much in that order. THEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR=ITS GAME OVER- MICKSTER You cannot do it from the mobile site . im curiousif the last log in times for people are accurate?Also STOP and I mean STOP posting pics of your whole family, I am not trying to date your family and I have no idea who you are in a picture of seven freaking people, I mean seriously people use a brain. I have used dating sites for over 1 year; including E Harmony and Yeah have to admit the site puts you through a emotional challenge more like wreck but i would have to say it's worth if you can find that one you're looking. But you cant discount it, its number 1 for a reason. I am very Kind, loving, caring, romantic, hard working, Have a good sense of Humor, Easy Outgoing, Passionate, Honest, Responsible, down to earth, full of life, free spirited. Being able to laugh is one of the best ways to cope with life's rough patches, and it doesn't hurt during the good times either! IF YOU LOCATE A SOMEONE AFTER GOD KNOWS HOW MANY WEEKS, THEN YOU START TO DATE-THATS EVEN IF YOU GET THAT FAR? You need to use your search , example safari and look up pof desktop version and go to the help in the top left. there is a guy who claims ive been on all day every all day and he is obviously creepy.

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