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In fact, he doesn't understand the attention or why they feel the need to follow him everywhere As far as I'm concerned, these conditions make these people extra special and unique and, as a parent, I know you can love them as equally as any "normal" person (yeah, I hate that word too!)I should point out that i myself have TS,i am not hiding this fact,i am quite unbothered by it most of the time.

Most of the qualities that make a genuine honest caring partner I would say wouldnt you, its about seeing the good in that person too, not just the negative, weve all got negative sides to us. Gypsyxx Well said Gypsy, I couldn't agree more My son has a constant following of girls at school.

I also understand how embarrassing it can be for some,but i also find that embarrassment often comes from a lack of knowlegdge and understanding.

I have gained many friends with TS through the internet,and i can honestly say that my life is richer because of TS.

Sometimes I whisper over her shoulder to the horrified waiter or whoever is dealing with her, in a stage-whisper, 'tourettes' .

For those that say why on earth do you stay friends with her if she is such an's simple, I actually like the woman.

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