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Your only expectation is to have a nice time and see what happens. ARRANGING THE DATE: When you have first met someone on a night out, usually there is drink involved, so be careful, if you have exchanged numbers, it's a good idea to chat on the phone a few times after that first meeting.

If you used the process in the previous chapter, you will be in a much better position to find out what potential there is with this person. If they turn out not to be right, you have learnt something new - perfect. If you have 'baggage' - I hate that word but you know what I mean - then you do!

You know very little about this person at this stage and it usually takes about three months in my experience to know if you want to see this person on a more serious level.

That's when the rose-tinted spectacles come off, lust has subsided a little, and all the faults that were unimportant when you first started seeing each other could start becoming an issue. Most of all, respect yourself and what you value from a relationship. If you know it's not right then, tell them that you don't feel you are relationship material - people will respect your honesty.

Most of us have heard that dilated pupils mean attraction and this is true, but this can be confused by low lighting that can also affect our eyes this way.

What you are looking for is a triangular eye movement, that will go from one eye to a body part and back to the other eye.

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