Xbox not updating via usb

You'll need: * USB flash drive * Blank CD-R * CD/DVD burner Install with a USB Flash Drive1. Navigate to the Xbox Live system update download in your Internet browser by clicking the "Download System Updates" link in "Resources." 3.Click "Save" to download the update to your computer.If you're receiving and Xbox 360 update error, you can manually upload the update by downloading to your computer and using some third-party media to transfer it over to your Xbox.This process is fairly straightforward and should only take a few minutes.Note: It’s important to connect to Xbox Live because your console will need the latest system update, which contains the newest controller software.If your console needs an update, you’ll be prompted to install one. Plug the Headset Audio Controller into the bottom of your controller. Plug the Headset into the Headset Audio Controller.

If your Xbox is experiencing a red ring error and refuses to load games, it must be serviced by a Microsoft professional. Follow these steps to update your Xbox One controller: 1.Make sure your console is on and you’re signed in and connected to Xbox Live.If it is still under warranty, it may be a good idea to return it to the store from which it was purchased for a refund, as going through the repair process will take several weeks and may result in you having to replace the console regardless. Never attempt to manually modify or adjust your Xbox 360's internal hardware. Not only will this void the manufacturer's warranty, you may run the risk of permanently damaging your system.

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